If I Could Attack With a More Sensible Approach, Obviously That’s What I’d be Doing

Let’s talk about friends.  I have lots and you’re all special to me in different ways.  You make my life richer than if I had a million dollars.  I can’t imagine having a million dollars and no one to share it with.  You give me confidence to do things that I don’t think I can, and you let me vent my frustrations when I’m down.

A few of you out there know I’ve been struggling with my writing for the past few days.  It’s taken all my will power to write anything at all.  Even now I wonder why I bother.  The point of my post-a-day goal is not to post absolute crap, but I don’t feel like my head is on straight.  The world seems slightly askew.  Cue the dramatic music.

I don’t have the license on being original.  I think it’s important that I always express myself in a truly authentic way, and I hope you try to do the same.  For me, this diary is personal.  It’s my imagination run rampant, a place where a mere office aid is a Superheroine.  I’m still learning the rules of this diary, but mostly I make them up as I go.

I talked about the creative process today with The Pink Fairy.  She and I have differing perspectives on it.  I don’t think there is a right or a wrong way to do things, but I feel maintaining my bare minimum goal is not asking too much.  It’s one less hour worrying about dishes and dusting.  It’s one less hour I’m on the phone or watching the Emmy Awards.  To be fair, an hour of writing a day will never get me very far, but maybe it will keep the dream burning bright.

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  1. Latte Lady says:

    All I want to say is that everyone has their one hour during the day, to do things they feel are important to them.
    Mine is going to spin class at the gym.
    Girl Friday’s is writing.
    Plus, who wants to do dishes anyways!
    So please keep on writing 🙂

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