Today’s a Very Special Day

I swore that today would be Girl Friday’s day.  I was planning on reclaiming the spotlight just a little, but then I got a phone call.

The Pink Fairy called in the middle of the workday.  I hadn’t heard from her in a few weeks.  She’s been incredibly busy selling fashionable sports wear, packing up her Texas apartment, and getting ready to move to The Big Apple.  As if those things aren’t enough to drive a sane woman mad, she also went to Oregon for her brother’s wedding.  She had the daunting task of designing and making the bride’s gown!  (No matter what Tim and Santino said, The Pink Fairy is awesome and has mad skills.)

Imagine my delight when my cell phone became abuzz while I was tearing out my hair in work-related frustration.  I picked up the phone and was really thankful at that moment that all my bosses and coworkers were out of the office. The Pink Fairy called to announce her impending nuptials!  I squeed with joy and congratulated her heartily.  The Pink Fairy has been serious about marriage for a while now.  She’s been dropping not so subtle hints, and it had me wondering if her boyfriend was really that oblivious.  Being a man of theatrics, he planned an elaborate surprise for the proposal.  I’m shocked that her response was just Y-E-S.  I thought for sure she’d tack on RFN!  She’s a doll and I wish her the best in life.  I know Five-0 (as in Hawaii Five-0) will keep her laughing, entertained, and happy for…well, ever.

Apparently I was the last person of our acquaintance to find out about her engagement.  Upon conferring with Notorious M.A.G. later that afternoon, I discovered even she knew because The Pink Fairy’s step-mom blabbed it to Notorious M.A.G.’s mom a while back.  I’m glad The Pink Fairy followed her instincts and chose to tell me before posting it on My Space.  Something about bulletins seem a bit impersonal.

I remember when The Pink Fairy and I bonded over boys.  We used to sit on the grassy knoll and I was Trixee and she was Skittles (because a cute boy said so, and so it stuck).  Will things ever be the same?  We used to play MASH and make up ridiculous stories about the materials of our hypothetical wedding gowns.  I do distinctly recall grey sweatshirt material, orange work jumpers, and camouflage as some of our unpleasant choices.

Congratulations to The Pink Fairy!  Here’s to Champagne bubbles, yards of tulle, and something blue.  Cheers!

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2 Responses to Today’s a Very Special Day

  1. Notorious M.A.G. says:

    Congratulations The Pink Fairy! I am very happy for you. Now I want to see that ring!! I think grey sweatshirt material is simply devine for a wedding dress, but what would Heidi think?

  2. The Pink Fairy says:

    oh no, not yards of tulle! i’m so buying my petticoat cause tulle is a bitch to sew. i promise to put a picture up on myspace as soon as i can breathe!

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