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If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother

I’ve been trying to write something fabulous and witty, but I’m coming up dry.  This emotional roller coaster of a week has really drained me of my normally coherent thought process.  Instead, silliness is running a muck!  I spent the … Continue reading

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I Ordered the Humble Pie for Dessert, Not the Pompous Pudding

The Luncheon at the Country Club was lovely—the view of the golf course leading out to the majestic spread of the mountains, the bougainvillea blowing in the breeze, diamond rings glistening with self-conceit…They were all quite effective in eliciting a wry eye.  … Continue reading

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Entrée of Self-Doubt, With a Side of Nerves

I’m just sitting here waiting for it to be 11 o’clock.  I’m going to a “ladies who lunch” luncheon at The Country Club.  I’m trying my hardest to stop shaking in my boots (I mean, non-designer sandals).  It’s not like … Continue reading

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