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  1. Latte Lady says:

    I know this is a stretch but are we doing BSG night today? I have been looking fwd to it but if you are busy
    with home decor projects we can definitely postpone,right:)
    Later, Dessi

  2. ladylatte says:

    Girl Friday-aka proud SB homeowner:))
    How was your Thanksgiving Holiday? I hope you didn’t spend it all at home, organizing and doing laundry. Funny thing is I am still not used to the fact that you moved so every time I go to Lazy Acres and the Mesa laundromat I think I will see you there or I want to call. Silly me:)
    So on Friday we find out what happens w/ our favourite viper pilots? Are you psyched? Let me know what your plans are this weekend and if you want to go downtown for say, a free make up consultation at Macy’s or just for a strall and a movie? Take care and have a good week at work,
    Lady Latte

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