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A Fabulous Mixed Bag

Favorite Things, Part VI (…continued from Part I, II, III, IV, and V) Right about now you should be done with holiday shopping, right? Well, you would be if you took the hints from retailers in October! If you’re like … Continue reading

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Birds, Snakes, and Babies, Oh My!

Girl Friday’s picturesque environment means more than just getting a tan at lunch. Wildlife works its way into the building and apartments on a weekly basis… Girl Friday recently freaked out about a hummingbird that flew into the office. Considering … Continue reading

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Girl Friday Falls Into Work Related Complacency

The thing about temping that Girl Friday loved was its entire nature of impermanence. Even in a long-term assignment, Girl Friday could always see the so-called light at the end of the tunnel. She believed that working as a temp … Continue reading

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