That purse meme thing

I finally did the purse meme. I’m surprised it took me so long since I LOVE HANDBAGS.

The rules…
1. Take a picture of your purse.
2. Take a picture of its contents.
3. Explain!

The purse…this is my every day work purse by HYPE. I am very proud of this find. It retailed for about $300 but I got it at Marshall’s for $100. I have had this handbag for three years or more and used it consistently for about two years. It’s in gorgeous condition still. It has really nice adjustable “belts” that allow you to expand the size a bit.  This is the purse that I totally envision as part of my Superheroine persona!

It has nice inside pockets. It is an easy purse to use because it’s not too deep so nothing can really get lost.

I’m not always this organized, but in the summer months I’m constantly switching handbags so right now it’s especially clean.

Top to bottom. Left to right.

1. My Moleskine datebook. I love notebooks and what’s not to love about this lovely leather one? If Moleskine was good enough for Picasso and Hemingway, then it’s good enough for me.
2. Black Precise V-5 Rolling Ball pen. I have to have a pen with me in case inspiration strikes
3. Blackberry Pearl. This is so lovely and handy. I’m going to miss it when I upgrade to an iPhone.
4. Sony headphones. I use them at work with my computer or with number 5.
5. iPod Nano. The BF gave this to me and it’s my little treasure.
6. Anne Taintor vanity mirror. It has a lovely lady with the text, “Beauty: it’s not just a job, it’s an adventure.”  So true!  This was a gift from The Pink Fairy.  I use it all the time.
7. Smashbox overexposure lipstick pencil in Pix.  There are great Smashbox box sets at Costco for cheap.  True story.
8. Eco Tints lip tint in Mocha Velvet.  A gift from my coworker Bev.  Love the taste, and it’s great for a no nonsense day but when you still want a bit of color.
9. Cherry Chapstick.  You can’t go wrong with this.
10. Loreal Color Juice in Candy Apple.  When I want a glam look.
11. Urban Decay XXX Shine in Love Junkie.  I think my lip product collection would get Lorelai’s seal of approval.
12. Keys-car, work, home, garage.
13. Coach Wallet. I got this for Christmas a few years ago. I love it. It’s simple and keeps me organized.
14. Hands Free headset. It’s the law now. Gotta use it.
15. Coach Sunglasses. I should have taken a pic of the actual glasses. They are kind of square framed tortise shell glasses. Love them.
16. Inhaler. I’ve had asthma since I was six. This is an emergency inhaler. I luckily haven’t had to use it in a while.
17. Chocolate covered Altoids. Yum!  It’s like dessert.
18. Business Cards. I get to reorder news once since our program changed to a department and my title is changing!  I’m totally still the Superheroine of Small Offices Everywhere!  Instead of hiring a new person, I’ll be doing two jobs at once.
19. Gum. Yum!

Your turn!  What’s in your bag?

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2 Responses to That purse meme thing

  1. Sarakastic says:

    Lorelei would approve & I’m jealous of your organizational skills

  2. Weltsie says:

    i am in desperate need of a good dose of Girl Friday! What’s the latest?

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