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The Legend of Etilia, the Bloody Vampirate

Once upon a time there was a little girl who wanted to grow up and be a pirate.  She wanted a parrot and a rad ship so she could sail around the world.  Like most children, however, she was indecissive.  … Continue reading

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Newton Had it Only Partially Right, Jewelry Gurus of the World Unite, and Birthday Wish for Latte Lady

To bring you up to speed on all things Girl Friday, I have written a massive three-parter. Enjoy! Laws of Gravity: Sir Isaac Newton forgot to mention that sometimes, “what goes down, must come up.” At least that’s the experience … Continue reading

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26 Years of Lucky 10-Key

Happy birthday to my dearest, oldest friend, Lucky 10-Key! Okay, so she’s not the OLDEST. I mean she has been my friend the longest out of all my friends. Lucky 10-Key is the first friend I made on my very … Continue reading

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