Committees Meet For You, Girl Friday!

The Agency always boasts to Girl Friday that her assignments are with companies that have fabulous employees. Girl Friday would like to challenge the validity of their assessments. Would The Agency actually admit it if the people working at a prospective assignment were real A-holes? Probably not, but wouldn’t that be a riot? On that note…

While Girl Friday was enjoying her first-ever swanky office, her coworkers were forming a committee to discuss her. She had no idea. She thought everyone really was fabulous, as her agency had promised. She was starting to believe that the office wasn’t crawling with boneheads. Then, she over heard a group of coworkers deliberating about the way a new employee had made labels. He didn’t have Avery Wizard (gasp!). That was the last straw apparently. The President’s assistant was dispatched to tell him the error of his ways. Girl Friday sat back in horror. Earlier that morning the President’s assistant had come by for an “informative chat.” It was then that Girl Friday realized that a committee had been assembled, a vote was taken, and it was unanimous, Girl Friday had made a mistake! Of course, Girl Friday was absolutely humiliated. It wasn’t enough that a Superheroine, like herself, had made a mistake, but her whole office had gathered to discuss it behind her back. Suddenly, Girl Friday realized that this new office had, in its attempt to live up to the expectation of being fabulous, forgotten to implement proper checks and balances on their compulsive passive-aggressive behaviors.

Ah, well! I guess the honeymoon is over. Girl Friday knew it was too good to be true.

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  1. Weltsie says:

    Nothing better than being trained by way of what-you-should-have-dones rather than what-you-should-dos!

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