Girl Friday Likes Good Clean Fun

Girl Friday is amused that her site is being sought all over the internet, but Girl Friday is also alarmed by some of the key word searches that bring up her site! Apparently “superheroine dominatrix,” “bad office girl,” and “girl and boss in office” are popular searches, and somehow Girl Friday has gotten mixed up in the business. For the record, Girl Friday is not a dominatirx (in case you were wondering), nor is she a bad girl (she’s quite fond of the rules, actually), and Girl Friday has never been alone with any of her bosses (thank God). Girl Friday is a tongue-in-cheek Superheroine. Don’t get it twisted!
Did anyone catch that reference?

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2 Responses to Girl Friday Likes Good Clean Fun

  1. dessim says:

    I just want to say, “Thank You Superheroine god-fairy for telling your stories using such vivid language- it is so rare to find good writing with clever and rich vocabulary as well as so many catchy, and jazzy espressions. Your journal is a true jem for those of us whose maternal language is not English and who constantly strive for perfecting their language skills. After all who was it that said ‘English is a lingua franca’:)”
    Thank You:)

  2. christina says:

    Thank you so much Dessi! You are 2 cute 2 B 4got10! LOL!!!!!!!

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