The Notorious M.A.G. aka Superheroine of TV Land

Next to Girl Friday, no other superheroine logs as much time watching TV as The Notorious M.A.G. Back in the day when we still used VCRs, The Notorious M.A.G. had a contraband ring of videotapes that she and Girl Friday circulated. No, they weren’t those kind of videos! These two Gal Pals were into Buffy the Vampire Slayer during the summer of 1997! They had a mutual affinity for NBC’s Must See TV, back when it was actually good. When Girl Friday moved away and was without a television (the horror!), The Notorious M.A.G. would send communiqués via snail mail. She included lengthy summaries of everything TV and celebrity related. Today, Girl Friday and The Notorious M.A.G. play exciting games of six degrees of separation, compare IMDB discoveries, relay the latest spoilers, and hold conference calls on the previous night’s shows and entertainment gossip.

By day, The Notorious M.A.G. takes the form of Management at a small newspaper, by night, she hosts Lost parties and organizes discussion groups. Television should feel lucky to have such a loyal follower. The Notorious M.A.G. takes great pride in planning her weekly TV calendar. Every year she waits patiently for the fall line-up schedule and pencils in the new shows around her tried-and-true favorites. The Notorious M.A.G. is responsible for introducing Girl Friday to several cult hits, and she has single handedly boosted DVD sales better than any paid advertisement. Without The Notorious M.A.G., Girl Friday would be seriously bored during primetime and culturally clueless!

The Notorious M.A.G. has the superhuman ability to squeeze the most out of her day. She works a lot, commutes about two hours a day, finds time for friends and family, hangs with her husband, and is in the know about all things on TV.

Take a hint from The Notorious M.A.G.: Buy a DVR!

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