Girl Friday Gives Thanks for Friends, Family, and the Good People at Macy’s

On Thursday morning when everyone is sleeping in leisurely or enjoying the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV, think of your good friend Girl Friday. She will be on the road for a minimum of five and half hours, and that’s only if there is no traffic. Usually Girl Friday would be at home with her slightly dysfunctional family lounging around and smelling the turkey as it slow roasts in the oven. Unfortunately, Girl Friday and her boyfriend will only smell the aroma of Harris Ranch cattle on their road trip through central California. Too bad there aren’t great sights to see and theme music to score the drive–a la Elizabethtown.

While in town for the festivities, Girl Friday has plans to visit English Diva, The Notorious M.A.G., and is even planning a jaunt to see Lucky 10-Key. Expect to hear news of English Diva’s new domicile (her word, not mine, I could never be that literary). Girl Friday is still trying to figure out what to get as a housewarming gift… Also, The Notorious M.A.G. is taking Girl Friday to a new shopping hot spot in their suburban town. Apparently the store reminds her of The Pink Fairy.

In other news, Lucky 10-Key has to report back to work on Friday! While she’ll be in the same city limit as Girl Friday for a few hours, there just isn’t enough time in the day for them to get together. Tear… Girl Friday plans to spend some quality time on Lucky 10-Key’s turf, but Girl Friday hopes her dear friend doesn’t mind if The BF joins the party. They travel in pairs, those two.

Girl Friday wishes all her lovely readers a bountiful Thanksgiving. Share the holiday with family and friends and be thankful for all that you have, like a wicked sense of humor, charming smile, and a badass wardrobe.

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