I Heart The Pink Fairy

The Superheroine of Efficiency and Flair creates one of kind designs, and every woman should be so lucky to own a piece of this fabulous line!

Girl Friday has found inspiration from these clothes, and even put the Emma Coat Dress on her Wish List. If only she dared to wear the Punky Poodle Skirt… There’s something for everybody! From the Christina Dress to the Darted Wedding Gown, The Pink Fairy knows what the modern gal needs to be at her spunkiest.

The Pink Fairy deserves to be in the black this Friday, too.
Visit Cordelia Designs and see what Girl Friday is raving about.

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2 Responses to I Heart The Pink Fairy

  1. christina says:

    In case you are wondering about the site–it’s down temporarily due to technical difficulties, but you can see The Pink Fair’s logo gear at Cafe Press!

  2. christina says:

    Cordelia Designs is back up, so go check it out immediately. All the cool people are doing it.

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