Birds, Snakes, and Babies, Oh My!

Girl Friday’s picturesque environment means more than just getting a tan at lunch. Wildlife works its way into the building and apartments on a weekly basis…

Girl Friday recently freaked out about a hummingbird that flew into the office. Considering that a hummingbird flaps its wings about 80 times per second, Girl Friday was reticent about catching it. Apparently forgetting the door through which it flew, the frightened bird tried repeatedly to escape through the tall glass panes at Girl Friday’s cubicle. Luckily, a handy custodial worker came in to save the day. With Mary Poppins-like bird bewitching abilities, Miguel held the hummingbird and returned it safely to the hibiscus trees that surround the building.

Another encounter with nature was a little too close for comfort for one frightened tenant. She discovered a snake slithering through her apartment! Her high-pitched plea for help caused Girl Friday and the staff to assume the worst—the poor boa constrictor in Britney Spears’ video wanted revenge! Thankfully this was not the case, and yet another fearless maintenance worker charmed the snake and set it free in the wetlands by the soccer field.

Finally, the most shocking story of all is about the frightful home-births families are performing in their apartments. According to their self-published newsletter, the births are natural and not at all scary. Girl Friday wonders why pets aren’t allowed if home births are? This isn’t the worst part of the news either…mothers giving birth without the guidance of neutral and unbiased medical staff are naming their babies atrociously trendy names like Ashton and Pepper. What child should have to bear the moniker of a punk ass actor who’s closer in age to his stepdaughters than his wife? How fair is it for a defenseless baby to be associated with Rebecca Romjin’s upcoming cheesetastic WB show? Just something to consider…

Girl Friday’s office life may have changed, but the dramadies continue!

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3 Responses to Birds, Snakes, and Babies, Oh My!

  1. Maggie says:

    So glad to see a new Girl Friday post. For a second I thought that maybe our dear Girl Friday had been kidnapped! I wonder if Pepper’s momma has another baby if she will name it Salt! Cheesy but I had to go there.

  2. Megan says:

    I had a snake in my first apartment in Texas. The really strange part was the fact that it was UPSTAIRS in my apartment. Still haven’t figured that one out.

  3. dessi m. says:

    Miguel, where are when there is a damsel in distress- namely when I was awaken in the middle of the night by quiet feet thumping along my room.  It turned out that I had a rat who was aiming at my food tray, placed neatly by my bed ( more like a futon).  I didn’t scream, just switched on my lampshade and the poor thing bolted under the door and into the attic.
    I can sympathize with the girl who found a snake in her apartment and I am also in awe that you actually tried catching the humming bird–I would have freaked.

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