Close, but no (chocolate) cigar!

If you are anything like me, then Mondays tend to be a bit of a challenge after languidly spending a ridiculous number of hours positioned behind a screen of some sort (laptop and television in varying increments), and pushing responsibilities to the last possible second.

I traded sleep for Battlestar Galactica and Project Runway, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. How else could I justify indulging in Sees Candy all weekend long?

I had to have a chocolate cigar since I’m not badass enough to smoke a real one. Lucky 10-Key and I do have a stash of expensive cigars, but we got them for free in the Hamptons so really they’re more for posterity than anything else.

Charging $1.85 seemed sad, so I threw in a box of Awesome Walnut Square Bars. Unless you grew up like Lucky 10-Key and I did—eating walnuts during recess directly from the tree—then you can’t possibly understand my incessant cravings.

Latte Lady was my accomplice in the Great Chocolate Binge of 2006, but that’s not all the mischief we managed to get into this weekend. Latte Lady insisted on doing shots of brandy on Saturday night. It was unusually cold, and after an all too-sobering trip to the high priced mall, we needed a little something to the dull the edges.

My debauchery and hedonism didn’t stop there. On Sunday, The BF cooked New York steak and we polished off a bottle of wine.

I woke up this morning at 7 AM, but my clock flashed 2:46. Damn power outage! I bolted out of bed, knowing that number two on my not to-do list was going to be out of the question (make-up application during work hours). I managed to get to work only fifteen minutes late. Not a peep of my tardiness was mentioned, but I atoned for my sin by sticking to number three on my not to-do list. I was so busy all day that I only had time to browse the web for less than an hour! I knew the odds were stacked against me regarding number one on my not to-do list, but I tried! Instead of being annoyed at my coworker, I transferred my exasperation to the illiterate and nonsensical college students that plagued me until 4:59 when I packed up for the day.

Now it’s close to midnight and I’m making good on my word. Going to sleep would be easy, but I’m Girl Friday! I’m always up for a challenge—so instead I write!

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  1. Megan says:

    Well, I hope you’re not looking for atonement from the hedonistic tendencies this weekend…

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