Would You Rather?

After our game of MASH on Friday, Lucky 10-Key and I played a few rounds of Would You Rather.  Here are some of the (rather telling) results:

Girl Friday:  Would you rather drive and park in New York City without a map or be the passenger?

Lucky 10-Key:  Umm, this is a tough one.  Passenger I guess??

GF:  Would you rather dye your hair platinum blonde or shave your head?

L10K:  Shave my head.

GF:  Would you rather stay at your current job forever (like until you retire, with no chance of promotion or a raise) or quit with no notice and no plan and set out on a crazy adventure with only the money in your pocket and the clothes on your back?

L10K:  Crazy adventure, for sure!  I’ve been thinking about that lately anyway!  Europe here I come!

L10K:  Would you rather give up watching TV or listening to music?

GF:  You wench!  TV.  How would I have a soundtrack to my life without music?

L10K:  Would you rather live without sunglasses or Chapstick?

GF:  Sunglasses.  I’d become Vampire-like and only come out at night, and I’d have nice lips to boot!

GF:  Would your rather redo your whole life knowing what you know now and be able to make different choices our redo your whole life knowing nothing at all and taking the chance that things could turn out different for better or for worse?

L10K:  Redo my life with the knowledge I have now.  I think if I were to start over with nothing, I’d make the same mistakes.

L10K:  Would you rather give up all your material possessions to gain peace of mind OR give up peace of mind to gain everything you could possibly want materialistically?

GF:  Material possessions for peace of mind–I’d be so at peace I wouldn’t care that I have nothing.

L10K:  Would you rather streak once across a football field at a crowded game or wear itchy, uncomfortable clothes all day, every day, for a year?

GF:  Streak! 

So the results are in and scores have been tabulated.  Girl Friday and Lucky 10-Key are officially the best employees ever!


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