Road to Runway

Just like heaven, the road to the runway is paved with good intentions. Each step along the way was as unpredictable as the one before. I’m a planner by nature, but I could not have anticipated a story so filled with coincidence, karma, charm, and hope. I didn’t think about the colorful characters we’d meet or the crimes against fashion we’d witness. I had no idea I’d be searching for a hotel room the same weekend as the Los Angeles Marathon. I never thought I’d be sworn to secrecy. Here is a brief look at what our day looked like:

Saturday’s Itinerary

5:30 AM—Wake up.
7:30 AM—Drive to L.A.
9:30 AM—Arrive at casting call.
10 AM—Get in line.
11 AM—Move one foot.
12 PM—Get friendly with line partners.
1 PM—Recharge with another round of Starbucks. At $5 a cup, this stuff better be from magic coffee beans.
2 PM—Move one foot.
3 PM—Exchange portfolios with line people. Ooh and ah as needed.
3:30 PM—Wait patiently for producer to get through first round of cuts.
4 PM—Do Happy Dance! The Pink Fairy has the green light.
4:30 PM—Wait turn for producer to assess character.
4:45 PM—The Pink Fairy hits one out of the ballpark and gleans an exclusive invite…DOWNSTAIRS!!!
5:00 PM—Dismissed for the day and asked to come back the following morning.
5:30-7:30 PM—Whine, cry, laugh, eat, get lost, curse, make several illegal U-turns, arrive at hotel in once piece.
8:00-9:00 PM—Girl Friday takes the best shower EVER, while The Pink Fairy passes out from sheer exhaustion.

I’ll tell you all about Sunday (or what I legally can) tomorrow. Exhaustion must be catching!

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  1. Megan says:

    Just like heaven, eh?

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