Add it Up

Life and work seem to be an inextricably complicated series of equations.  It’s our job as Superheroines to do the math and make everything balance, figure out what x stands for, and show our work.  I was never meant to be a mathematician, but I have the uncanny ability to do practical math in my head faster than it takes me to get out a calculator.  I’m a nerd about percentages, but you would be too if you loved a sale as much as I do!

Armed with these precious skills, I attacked a huge math problem on the Leave Accrual Reports yesterday.  It was a task that I had been putting off all month.  I sensed that delving into fifteen months worth of someone else’s mistakes was going to be daunting.  I spent almost six hours trying to right wrongs, only to have my boss suggest simplifying the solution.  In other words, she wanted me to knowingly short-change another coworker her vacation time that she earned fair and square.  Doris’ willingness to take shortcuts never ceases to amaze me.  I explained that in good conscience I could not go along with her (ill conceived) plan.  I feel a sense of accountability when it comes to my work.  My name and my word mean a great deal to me, so when I sign-off on something, it is guarantee that the work is accurate and complete.

I may never have been the best at math, but I never cheated my way through it, and I always provided work with my answers.  At the end of the day, I need to believe that my struggle adds up to more than the sum of its parts.

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