Are You So Sure, Shakespeare?

As the Superheroine of Small Offices Everywhere, it is my duty to champion the good deeds and hard work of others in the administrative profession.  Too often we are taken for granted and left wondering when we’ll get the credit we are due.  Yesterday was one of those days that made me want to shout, “I am here and I am important, damn it!”

My title—Admin Assistant—leaves something to be desired, but I didn’t realize until how belittling it is in comparison to my coworkers’ titles.  We are all in the same classification of employment, and we all make the same amount of money, but slight differences in title matter.  

I’m also frustrated by the volunteer board on which I serve that recently slighted me.  I’m the secretary—of course—because it’s tattooed on my forehead.  The Vice President position was open, but instead of considering my candidacy, the position was given to another board member with less experience!  Where is the justice in the world?  Am I completely invisible?
I am Girl Friday and I demand some recognition!  My abilities are unparalleled in stapling and ego-stoking.  I can fetch coffee like nobody’s business and I can spout off inspirational quotes or cunning commentary in the same breath.  Maybe these skills don’t prove I have what it takes to be an Admin Services Coordinator or the Vice President of the Housing Board, but I swear on my oath as a Superheroine that I am more than capable of shining in any capacity.

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