It’s All in the Swag

There is nothing quite so appealing as the prospect of freebies.  No matter how rich people get, they’re always on the lookout for complimentary items.  Even Oprah admitted that she is compelled by gift with purchase offers.

The fact that we all know to be true, but refuse to voice, is that these supposed goodies aren’t always that great.  For example a few years ago I got my first and only pieces of MAC makeup in a Hamptons soiree swag bag.  I adore the plain beige eye shadow—Llama—but detest the Lip Glass—Pink Lemonade.  I try on the hideous lip-gloss once a year in the hopes that my skin tone will have changed to peaches and cream.  I can’t bear to throw the tube away even though I know very well I’ll never be able to wear it.

I’m going to a Fragrance Festival today with Latte Lady.  We both paid 10 bucks for a spot at the event and in return we get a ten-dollar coupon and a gift bag.  We were so excited about the gift bags that we both bought extra tickets so we could send our BFFs a bag, too!  The kicker is that these gift bags are supposed to be a bonus for attending the festival, not the sole reason for attending.

Suzie Q was so excited about my gift bag observations that I made a little how-to list…

Girl Friday’s DIY Guide to the “Perfect” Swag Bag
Start with a cute tote or a pretty shopping bag and fill it with:

Something wearable—either a t-shirt or scarf with a logo representing the event
A couple magazines relating to the theme or the location of the event
A few bottles or cans of an obscure drink product, preferably something trendy like tea drinks or fruit juices
An assortment of hoity-toity snack foods like Blue Potato Chips, bittersweet chocolate because sugar is so out, and a newfangled energy bar
Some sort of promotional gift certificate worth at least $100 to an über-trendy store where the cheapest things to buy are Stella McCartney jeans
Random samples of perfume and body products, preferably something with the words anti-wrinkle or as good as Botox on the package
An array of makeup items in phased-out or unpopular shades that the wearer will love all the same because of the pretty packaging


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