Brits Do It Better

The rain finally stopped and the sun was out like it had never been gone at all. I enjoyed the view from my office all day long. It’s tucked away on a picturesque plot of land nestled between the mountains and the ocean. I am privileged not just because of the prime location, but because this piece of heaven has so many things I love.

A lot of the residents are foreigners and helping them never stops being fascinating. They have awesome accents, they indulge me in stories about their far off countries, and they delight me with their intrigue over America. Michael, the sweetest of the Swedes, was exasperated with his American friends who didn’t understand the beauty of the Grand Canyon. Apparently his country’s landscape is made of snow and pine trees? Simon, who wore his too cute rugby jersey, lost his keys and was so happy for the spare I gave him that he said, “Brilliant!” Linda brought in Cadbury Dairy Milk–Fruit and Nut for Dave. Lucky for me he’s one of those boys concerned with his girlish figure, so I got to eat most of it. Why can’t stores stock Cadbury year round? It’s like a party in my mouth!

Don’t get me started on all the long, sordid phone calls I am privy to hearing! The pay phone is right outside my office and the foreigners are on it all day long. I heard Simon whispering sweet nothings to his girl across the pond! My coworker Suzie Q is also lulled into a trance-like state, but not always by foreign tongues; she inhales the potent second hand smoke of foreign cigarettes…

When I’m not busy people watching and eavesdropping (and working), I’m spying out the window for a glimpse of wild rabbits, the giant White Heron, and George and Gracie (our favorite Mallards). Even The Pink Fairy couldn’t pry her eyes away from a chipmunk when she came to visit! On my roughest days I look for bunny rabbits frolicking in a flower patch.

Unfortunately, not all offices are created equally. You might be stuck in a concrete building with a bunch of wankers. Never fear! There are things you can do to lift your spirits at work, too! You could meditate and find inner peace; but if that’s too complicated you could visit the forums, decorate your cubicle with pictures of puppies and kittens, take a hit of your favorite perfume, escape to the nearest drug store for chocolate and makeup, sneak off for a cup o’joe, or listen to a pretty boy sing about Everything Zen! It’s your choice!


Currently playing: It’s Like 1999, a custom mix by The Pink Fairy

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3 Responses to Brits Do It Better

  1. Notorious M.A.G. says:

    It is so beautiful outside that I escaped to the grocery store to buy my lunch. It was lovely!

  2. d says:

    I’m convinced I should have been born in Ireland! But you’ve never tasted anything until you taste Cadbury actually made over there! So much better than what we think as Cadbury over here!

  3. Girl Friday says:

    But Linda had her parents bring a huge box of Cadbury with them! It was direct from Ireland! I adore Linda, the chocolate fiend. She stopped by the office right before she left the country for good with more chocolate for me. I took her out for Mexican food. She said that’s what she was going to miss the most about California. Let’s move there and start a restaurant. How’s your cooking?

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