I Think It’s Called Karma

The scariest thing about life is wasting opportunities and settling for anything less than your heart’s desire.  It’s a little bit cheesy, but admit it, it’s (a little bit) true.  I don’t want to waste my life in a cubicle, so I push myself.  I forgo sleep.  I fall behind in my regularly scheduled programs.  I don’t pick up the phone for days.  I make sacrifices for writing because I want something bigger than this life and the only way to get there is on the long road of perseverance.

I talked to Lucky 10-Key tonight and she seems about ready to move on to the next phase of her professional life.  I celebrate that decision.  She is too fabulous to be stuck in a dreary building.  She’s the Superheroine of City Style, after all!

The simple act of asking for more from life means you are ready for the universe to open up doors and windows to new possibilities.  Whisper your dreams and wishes to the wind, work hard at everything you do, sow love and kindness, and watch the world return to you the gifts you deserve.

Currently playing:  Maria Taylor, One For the Shareholder 


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