The Strangest Game

A few weeks ago Lucky 10-Key and I played a rousing game of Would You Rather.  I’ve been fortunate enough to avoid all of those sticky situations, but I just heard the worst case of Would You Rather in real life.  The Pink Fairy sat in the dentist’s chair today and got four cavities filled and had five shots of Novocain; the only thing that ran through her head was, “I would rather be at the dentist than be at work.”

How can life be so complicated and yet be broken down into very basic choices?  Should I stay up late and write or should I go to bed knowing I have been unproductive?  Those are the choices I face right now.  Of course there are other ones that run a distant second, third and fourth—like should I leave those dishes in the sink, should I iron tomorrow’s outfit, should I fix a problem that is not mine to solve, etc.

There are consequences to every decision we make, and it is far too easy to point fingers or ask someone else to share the burden of our actions.  Ultimately, though, we must bear responsibility in the world we have created.  I guess that’s why some people tiptoe through life, hoping to avoid stepping into the fray, while others, like us Superheroines, jump headlong into it.

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  1. Notorious M.A.G. says:

    I would rather be a at another police ride along today than be here at work.

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