Girl Getting Bitterer

A laundry list of divergent topics abound:

1.  I was asked to join a professional association with the dubious distinction of being for women.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to be asked to join anything, especially since they aren’t making me their recording secretary, but I’m a little weary of the whole thing.  To have an association that recognizes you for doing your job, almost seems a little absurd.  I also don’t think giving someone a rinky dink award for going above and beyond their job description is ethical—they should get a raise or a promotion!  My coworker won said award this year, and really, the department owes her more than a luncheon and a plaque.  I feel like it is some bureaucratic way to pacify women at very little expense.  Maybe I’m just cynical…

2.  I really am going to hell for this one…Why do people keep naming their kids effed up names?  I have two cousins whose names are spelled suspiciously close to a fish and a Korean car.  I have family friends who named their son something that rhymes with a video game console, and a coworker that’s planning on naming his kid the same name as my favorite sushi restaurant.  Check out Name Voyager and see how popular your name has been in the past century.

3.  Who needs a little black dress when you can wear your PJs to The Office, to hang out in The OC, and strut with Heidi on the Runway?  Apparently this is news to people over at ARS Technica who wrote Plasma is a girl’s best friend?  But of course!  The bigger the TV, the more vivid my dreams about being rich and famous become!  Perhaps that’s why Lucky 10-Key and I are entertaining illusions of grandeur? 

4.  I’m still completely obsessed with The Dresden Dolls.  I’m still completely sad that I missed seeing their concert.  I’m probably going to be referencing their songs non-stop, so get used to it.  I advise that you find out what I’m talking about.  My newest coworker–shall we call her Davie?–knows who they are so her coolness factor went up ten points.  (But I may have to subtract ten points because she’s a Dave Matthews groupie.  I have nothing against the man or the band, but I was once ditched by a friend on my birthday so she could see them in concert–and she didn’t even like their music!)

5.  Aside from my love for Dolls, I am a bluegrass queen.  It says so over at Last FM

6.  Why, oh why am I so random?  Why can’t I just stop expounding on nothingness and do work like a normal person?  Oh yeah…I’m not normal.  I’m your Superheroine of Small Offices Everywhere. 

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