All The Things I Can Get Done

This morning I really wanted to call in sick. I wasn’t actually sick, but I just didn’t feel mentally well enough to face a day at the office. But yesterday was the (second) summer session move-in for students, and I knew the office would be crazy. I didn’t want my coworker to have to be in the office alone. Plus, my supervisor is out, and you can’t count on directors to do grunt work. So I rallied my spirits and got going, despite my desire to stay in bed. I sent an e-mail a half an hour before work to let my coworker know I’d be late. Even in my irresponsibility, I’m nothing if not polite. To my surprise, when I got to work I discovered my coworker had called in sick. I got stuck doing his work—move-in is his responsibility, not mine. I was just being courteous in offering to help. Payroll, personnel records, timekeeping, travel, and special projects are my responsibilities. I never ask him to do my work, and I certainly don’t call in sick when payroll is due because I know people depend on me to get paid. I spent nine hours at work and crossed nothing off my list. Frakking fabulous. I’ll be trying to catch up all week.

The worst part about being so busy is that it doesn’t give me any time to goof off. I didn’t get to play a round of MASH with Lucky 10-Key, or even chat with Notorious M.A.G. when she called with spoilery goodness. As reported at E! Online…Kiele Sanchez, Anne of the defunct show Related, has found gainful employment. Lucky biotch is going to that dangerous island and gets to stare at lots o’ hotties. I may have to start watching the show again. Kiele (we’re on a first name basis) is also in In Style Weddings this month. She looks gorgeous and made me want to go home and play with makeup!

I was up way too late last night. On the plus side I found tons of wicked pretties at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. The Pink Fairy got the link as an early morning present. All day long I’ve been forgetful and a little slow at responding to things. I’m dehydrated but I keep forgetting to drink water. Lucky 10-Key sent me an e-mail early this morning and I barely managed a five-minute conversation on my way to a meeting at 1:30 in the afternoon. (Unacceptable! Usually we write e-mails like we’re playing ping-pong.) I really hope that being the best darn Administrative Superheroine pays off.

Oh, and I may have an addendum to my future memoir. My newest coworker helped name this chapter of my life: Odd Jobs. What do you think?

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