The Attention Just Encourages Her

I had an epiphany on the way back from lunch.  I realized that every night I go to bed late, and every morning I get to work late, and every day I conveniently forget to pack lunch, or cook, or do the dishes, or do anything remotely responsible.  I’m rebelling in my own way.  I’m stuck in the confines of 8-5 monotony, and little by little I’m sticking to The Man.  This rebellion is quite silly.  It leaves me tired in the morning, stressed on the drive, hungry, broke, and disgusted.  I need to break this (utterly within the scope of normal) destructive streak!  Please send help.  I’m too neurotic and far too aware of it!

Warning!  Everything beyond this point is total tangent material!

I caught some disturbing footage of fifty-one underage, scantily clad girls driving Jeeps and playing golf.  They are apparently competing for Miss Teen USA 2006.  They all looked pretty much identical to one another—like their pastimes include hanging out at the local fake and bake, practicing their singsong intonations, and learning how to balance on four-inch espadrilles.  I know, I know, it’s a scholarship contest.  I’ve watched Miss Congeniality enough times that I can recite most of the movie by heart (which I did today with Nancy K at the office).  I just can’t believe that these girls are the best and the brightest our country has to offer.

Underneath their vapid exteriors may very well lie the souls of intelligent young women, but what I saw on that stage gave me very little hope.  I’m all about being a fully actualized woman—you know, having it all and looking cute while doing it—but I feel like the pageant is truly exploitative.  People don’t watch because these girls are smart, honor-roll students, making a difference in their communities.  They watch because they’re running around in bikinis.  Is it really any better than Baywatch or Girls Gone Wild for that matter?

I’m willing to have a discussion here, so drop me a line.

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