I’ve Been Feeling Dull as a Coat Hanger

The office has been quite busy this week. It’s the end of the pay period so my efforts in timekeeping have doubled. There have also been several student programs this week, so we’ve had more contact with the student staff. They’re always a laugh riot—I feel like Amy Poehler in Mean Girls when she says, “You girls keep me young.” I’m not saying I’m old, but we just have different mind-sets. They’re amused by my cynicism…well it is ha ha hilarious. This afternoon one of the student programs kicked off just as I was headed home for the evening. They call the event “H-2 Oh, Yeah!” It was Julia J’s idea. (Miss her!) Anyway, there were three large inflatable things on the lawn—a bounce house, a waterslide, and a jousting ring. Oh to be young again! Seriously. Then I wouldn’t be stuck in the damn office looking out my window wishing I were far, far away.

I guess that’s why I’ve got Mad Libs. I got a little behind today since I had no time to write at work. I could have written earlier this evening, but I was chatting with Lucky 10-Key and Notorious M.A.G.!

For Weltsie:

2 People: Donnie Darko, Penny Lane
2 Verbs: craving, laughing
2 Adjectives: laid back, friendly
2 Places: used bookstore, Morocco
2 Favorite Things: gardens, bridges
2 Colors: ruby red, orange
1 Food or Drink: espresso
1 Time of Day: dawn
1 Hobby: surfing
1 Job: firefighter

In a laid back used bookstore Donnie Darko sipped his espresso and admired the girl in the funky orange dress. She seemed friendly and kept laughing. Donnie was intrigued and stopped acting so emo long enough to ask Penny Lane out. She said she was having a craving for surfing. Donnie didn’t like the sun, or gardensor bridges (unless he was contemplating jumping off of them), but he agreed to meet her at dawn anyway. The way she looked in her ruby red bathing suit reminded him of a firefighter. It was a strange image, but then he was used to that. Penny Lane just kept on laughing. She changed her mind and decided she wanted to go to Morocco instead.

For d:

2 People: Kara & Lee
2 Verbs: swimming & dancing
2 Adjectives: bright & slowly
2 Places: the desert & the beach on a tropical island
2 Favorite Things: flowers & diamonds
2 Colors: azure & pistachio
1 Food or Drink: guacamole
1 Time of Day: midnight
1 Hobby: sunbathing
1 Job: mason

Kara and Lee lounged leisurely at the beach on a tropical island. They had finally found their bright, shiny future! They intended on enjoying every minute of it together, and Kara had the diamonds to prove it. They liked the desert, but they loved swimming in azure waters, so they compromised (yes, they slowly learned how!) and settled near the Sea of Cortez. They hired a mason to add a brick patio to their pistachio colored house in Cabo San Lucas. To get away from the noise of the construction, they took a mini-break on some remote island. The former pilots were tired of life on the run, so they embraced the simpler aspects of life like sunbathing and eating guacamole at midnight. They just weren’t the flowers and dancing kind of couple, but they lived happily ever after anyway.

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2 Responses to I’ve Been Feeling Dull as a Coat Hanger

  1. d says:

    Ahhh. That just makes me giddy with happiness. 🙂

  2. Notorious M.A.G. says:

    Love Kara & Lee. I can just see them eating guacamole at midnight. Oh viper pilots in love.

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