Funny How Those Compliments Can Make You Feel So Full of it

A topic that I never tire of delving into is decoding boy talk.  I’ve received a lot of compliments of late, and I’m a little thrown by them.  Obviously I am fabulous and well attired, but I dress up for myself, put on makeup for myself, do my hair for myself…  I subscribe to the sorority girl motto of always looking my personal best.  Of course it’s nice when others notice, but I went the first eighteen years of my life thinking I was invisible (or visible for the wrong reasons).  The last thing I’d want to be accused of is being vain.

Anyway, what does it mean when a boy compliments you?

“I like your shirt,” appears to be benign compliment.  You might be wearing something super cute like your favorite boatneck shirt or a witty t-shirt that cost more than it should have.  Translation:  I like your chest in that top.  You may not even be wearing a supposed “booby shirt,” but rest assured, that’s what that compliment means, according to my source on the inside.

In the past week I’ve gotten repeated compliments on my jackets. It’s starting to get colder, so I’ve taken to picking a new one everyday.  I have a slew of blazers, jackets, and coats.  It’s a sick obsession, I tell you.  They’re not even super nice or expensive pieces of clothing.  I have an eagle eye for bargains on blazers—just ask Notorious M.A.G.  She was with me the day I found my coveted $4 tapestry jacket (Shh!  Don’t tell!  It’s from JC Penny).  I wore the aforementioned blazer on Friday, and I was only in the office for a half-day.  I got two compliments from boys.  At first I thought it was a fluke—both boys are way metrosexual—one wears (I kid you not) the same Lucky Jeans as I do and puts more product in his hair than Ryan Seacrest, the other wears double Lacoste Polo shirts with the collars flipped up with Topsiders.  I chalked up their attentions to their über-stylish tendencies, but today I wore my olive green military jacket and two more boys took note!  I’m really trying not to be weirded out by the undue attention.  They’re just jackets!

What does this all mean!?  I turned to my in-house expert.  The BF said boys don’t notice clothes all that much, but they do notice the girl wearing them.  Hmmm and Grrr and WTF!?  Did I stumble into some good lighting?  Do my jackets possess some sort of magical hypnotizing power?  Is their dating pool really that dry?  Or…could I possibly be a pro at wielding my feminine wiles?  What is it with younger men and me?  My whole life I’ve seemed to attract guys that are five years younger than me.  What’s up with that?  No date for prom, but when I was in college all the high school boys that worked at the smoothie shop couldn’t wait try their pick-up lines on me.  They were too adorable.  One of them used to give me whatever I wanted for free, but he made The BF pay for his!

I guess life could be worse.  I could be totally un-cute and totally un-noteworthy!

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5 Responses to Funny How Those Compliments Can Make You Feel So Full of it

  1. d says:

    That was just awesome! I’m laughing out loud! I soo needed your humor right now, I can’t even tell you!


    Remind me to tell you about the guy I was introduced to at least 6 times in 2 years! Every time he’d say “Nice to meet you”. WTF? For my own self esteem I chalk it up to the fact that he is a clueless and self centered artist and not to the fact that I’m totally forgettable. 🙂 LOL

  2. Weltsie says:

    Too true!! I have always wondered what a boy compliment on clothing meant… they seem to always come at the most random times.

    As long as the compliments aren’t delivered too creepily, it’s good to hear you are getting the attention you deserve – a girl can NEVER have too many compliments!

  3. Girl Friday says:

    d, I have so been there! There was this guy in a frat who used to say, “Nice to meet you,” way more times than I can count. I feel rather secure in saying that no one on the face of the planet looks like me except my brother. I don’t look like my cousins or any other relatives…so I don’t know how I could be so forgetable to this dude! I have to believe he was just perpetually drunk for four years. 🙂

    Weltsie, boy speak is a language of it’s own. My friend in high school would only give me a ride home in his monster truck on the days I wore skirts! Everyone thought he was so innocent (my dad nicknamed him Jesus), but I knew better…

  4. Notorious M.A.G. says:

    Love your last comment GF! Boys are weird. But you are gorgeous, maybe you are finally getting the attention you have always deserved. 🙂

  5. Latte Lady says:

    Maybe you can give me some advice on how to get compliments on my attire….. which most of the time is just typical southern Cali sweat pants, tennis shoes, a baseball cap and a T-shirt. I agree with your BF when he says it is the person that gets the attn not the actual piece of clothing, or shall I say the personality:)) My nugget of wisdom is that younger boys are fresh and innocent so they don’t mind speaking up and telling you that you look nice…and after all they can’t help it-it is how their brains are wired. Plus you’ve got style and you know it :))

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