You Have Better Things to Do Than to Hear Me Say…

I just drank a big glass of wine, so this post is going to be a testament to my commitment to this diary.  There’s a seductive allure to turn up my music and float around in my room, spinning, because sometimes I like to do that.  I like the dizzying sensation.  Instead, I’ve got my glass of water and I’m tapping out these very words to you, my dear friend.

On Being Girl Friday, a list:
  1. I know this city inside and out.  I know dirty secrets. I’ve seen lax security.  I know who knows whom.  I know where to find the best cinnamon twist.  I am your go-to girl for obscure information.
  2. I can mingle with every kind of crowd.  I’ve been to clubs you see on Sex and the City.  I’ve worked the room dressed as a pirate.  I can answer the phone in a multitude of accents.  I’ve hob knobbed with Jay-Z, and sometimes on Saturdays I like to listen to Weird Al.
  3. I am well adjusted and flexible.  I cry while watching TV shows.  I can hold a grudge for months/weeks/days/hours/minutes/seconds.  I unflinchingly want to believe everyone is essentially good-natured.  I’m a cynic, and sometimes, dark clouds follow me.
  4. I like the color pink, but I think boys would like it too if we didn’t teach them it’s just for girls.  I don’t like creepy, crawly things; I’m ok with that.
  5. I like the repeat button in iTunes, and the thirty-second skip button on Tivo.  I like to push yours, but I don’t like mine pushed back.
  6. I wake up early, but I’m still late to work.  It’s the only thing I do with any regularity besides writing.
  7. I don’t feel like I have anything important to say today, but that’s just an excuse.  It’s pretty sorry, and so am I.  Thanks for reading anyway.
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  1. Laura says:

    so where do i get the best cinnamon twist?

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