Let’s See How Fast This Thing Can Go

Today is a housekeeping kind of post. Lots of random topics and updates…

  • The Pink Fairy has moved! I got a text message this morning—and because I’m totally psychic—I knew she must have just arrived to her new place. She said she was exhausted, but I called anyway just to say congratulations. The Pink Fairy has made a habit of moving to far off places she’s never even visited. First, there was Hawaii; second, there was Texas; and now, she’s in New York! Best wishes to The Pink Fairy in her new city, her new job, and her new time zone! A housewarming gift is forthcoming!
  • I’d like to introduce Neridra, Queen of Anagrams, as my newest Gal Pal. She rules an island and can even make her own crown of jewels and golden scepter. Generous to a fault, she understands my struggle to Just Say No. Queen of Anagrams tells great stories about places I’ve only ever seen on Alias, and they’re all true. She writes the best e-mails, tops my own very eclectic music taste, and keeps pace with my TV schedule. Everyone say hello to the Superheroine of Snarky Seafarers!
  • This Wednesday is Notorious M.A.G.’s 25th birthday. In preparation of this auspicious day, I have lost her new address twice, and left very little element of surprise in her gift. (Did I forget to mention that, Neridra?) I am indecisive, and Notorious M.A.G. is not a huge fan of surprises, so I interrupted her regularly scheduled Nip/Tuck time and asked for her thoughts on earrings versus necklaces. I made the final decision, and I guess I’ll get the verdict soon enough!
  • On Saturday I visited a dear old friend who’s just moved to town! The Missis just settled in a gorgeous home with The Father, and they have a bun in the oven. They are the most hospitable couple, and I look forward to spending more time with them. The Missis knows Lucky 10-Key and me from way back in the walnut orchard days. The Missis and I chatted, then took a walk with the dogs at the posh resort just down the street. We almost, sort of, felt like the rich and famous. Then we got in the Honda and drove back to reality.
  • I spoke to Weltsie this morning, who is on a tri-state visit (Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire), via “tubes” and was pleased to discover that she and her team finished their relay race second. They shaved four hours off of their time from last year. What a feat! I just hope she slows down enough to enjoy her remaining time left on her coast before she has come back to ours!
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2 Responses to Let’s See How Fast This Thing Can Go

  1. neridra says:

    Look at that! All official 🙂 hee. I need to get working on that crown. It is so funny that this is the 2nd time you’ve called me a Superheroine, and just the other day I got a letter in the mail from an art program to make a box for a Superhero’s pin to auction off. It sounds like fun, but I’m a little stumped…

  2. Notorious M.A.G. says:

    After our talk yesterday, I think I would like to be 24 again. It was a good year I think. As Carrie would say it is my “twenty-faux” birthday! Welcome Nerida!

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