Two Down Now, but Who’s Counting Anyway?

Yours truly, Girl Friday, is participating in Darren Rowse’s How To Challenge. I submitted yesterday’s piece on how to work just like the Superheroine of Small Offices Everywhere. I’m not saying you have to adopt my techniques, but I find my days are much more pleasant when I follow my own advice!

I really am a good employee. Case in point—I skipped out on the POW retreat so I could get my work done. I got about 80% caught up, and today Dave’s wife started having contractions. He was out of the office for part of the day, and I was able to take over for him without the stress of my own duties! Planning pays off! In between checking students in and answering a million phone calls, I perused the other How To submissions. Here are two of my favorites:

Sarakastic writes on Gilmore Girl Fanatic how to Lose a Guy in Ten Minutes. We can all relate to really painful dates. Next time, go armed with a list of odd things you can do to annoy your date so he leaves. You’ll avoid the guilt of feigning illness, and have a hysterical story you can share at cocktail parties! I can actually see Lorelai Gilmore doing all of the things on the list!

Katy Whitton writes about How to Cope with Ineffectual Leadership on Flipping Heck! She discusses at length the varying types of managers. It is quite scary that I have had at least one manager from each of the categories. Currently, I have the Invisible Man, an Idealist, and a Shirker in my office. Read up on how to handle every management style!

Other than reading up on blogs, work has been quite busy this week. We’re in preparation mode for this weekend’s Big Student Move-In. Signs have been made, and they will undoubtedly not be read because as I have said before, college students don’t read. Rosters have been printed, and will be outdated by tomorrow afternoon when Bobby Joe discovers his roommate smokes and Mary Sue reads on My Space that her apartmentmate is questioning her sexuality. Luckily, I am not working Move-In on Saturday. I get to work on Sunday because I’m one of the few people who know how to operate one of the student databases.

I suppose I better wash my work polo shirt. I made the mistake of not washing my old one before wearing it. It was huge! One of my male coworkers insisted on congratulating me on my impending bundle of joy. I tried to tell him that I wasn’t pregnant, but he wouldn’t hear of it. Finally, I pulled the shirt tight across my upper body; he shut his mouth, mortified. He apologized to me the other day. Apparently it’s been eating away at him all summer. The moral of the story is to not be a jackass, and also to wear shirts that aren’t three sizes too big.

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