How About a Nine-Month Long Vacation?

There’s no rest for the wicked. I have to go to work on Sunday. Argh. Getting up on weekdays is hard enough. I really don’t want to get up at 6 AM to get ready for work. I suppose I don’t have to get up that early in the morning, but I do enjoy my routine. I get up, take my laptop to the couch, check my e-mail, read news and blogs, and generally put off having to get ready until about 6:45 AM. Then, I take a shower, and I swear every morning it will be quick, but I don’t usually get out until 7:12 AM. I scurry about blow drying my hair and applying makeup. I’m out the door around 7:45 AM. At least tomorrow they are providing breakfast. I only have to work a half-day, but still.

I have to work because it is the Big Fall Move-In. We’ll be getting a fresh load of students. So far I’ve met a handful of grad students only. Dave and I are thinking of instituting a Student of the Month program for our favorite residents. The two girls from Iceland and Denmark are our top contenders. Perhaps we’ll make a bulletin bored and everything!

I know I shouldn’t be complaining about working on Sunday since I know many of my Gal Pals have to work on the weekends, too. Lucky 10-Key worked today, and when I called her at the office she kept muttering something about numbers not balancing. Oh the life of an accountant! Latte Lady joined The BF and me for dinner (I made Chicken Parmigiana). She told me all about the weekend hours she’s putting in at The House. She used to live at this big house with nine other people. They miss her so much they pay her to do odd jobs. Notorious M.A.G. is a workaholic and can’t seem to get away from the office! She has a much more rigid schedule these days, so sometimes the office comes home with her.

It’s hard to believe with all the complaining I do that I used to work full-time and take a full load of units in college. I wonder how I managed back then? Then I remember that I never wrote (unless it was for school), my hair was unkempt (long and shapeless), and I looked dead on my feet. These days I have time for my leisurely pursuits, my hair is always neatly coifed, but…well, I think I still look dead on my feet sometimes!

Is there a fabulous remedy in a tube that I can buy? Somebody point me to the nearest Sephora.

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  1. Notorious M.A.G. says:

    If you find something at Sephora let me know. I am dead to the world today. I spent exactly 8 hours in front of the tv. I am planning on spending 2 more hours in front of it before bed. 🙁 Oh the life of a TV diva.

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