Automatic Joy

It’s that time of year again—yes pilot and premiere season.  Girl Friday is a champion of fine programming, whether it takes place on a battlestar, in a small ocean-side town, has a cozy diner, or a local bar that serves way too much tequila.  Since I’m still quite fried from work, I think I’ll chat with you about what’s on my tube, saved on the DVR, and what’s getting a season pass on the Tivo.  Yes, I have a generic DVR for my hi-def programming and a Tivo— because I told you I love TeeVee.

Hark!  Potential spoilers abound!  Oh!  And let’s play a game of Find the Gal Pal!  See if you agree with my selections from each cast.

The Office:  I’m a Jammer (that’s a Jim and Pam shipper) and I was disappointed not to see at least one scene with my goofy Jim and frizzy Pam.  Watching Michael kiss Oscar in hi-def was probably the most disgusting thing ever.  I could feel Michael’s stale breath on poor Oscar (our TV is that good, or bad as it were…) and I just wanted to scoop him up and shield him from the awkwardness that is Michael Scott!!!

  • Ryan the temp is a temp no more, and therefore, he and Girl Friday are like this!  (Crosses fingers dramatically.)

Grey’s Anatomy:  Why don’t you rip my heart out?  (I so should not have watched Love Actually before this.  I was already in an emo mood, and then I watched a romantic comedy and bawled my eyes out during the scene where Emma Thompson confronts Alan Rickman!)  Izzie was in a heap of pink taffeta on the bathroom floor and Meredith was shamelessly discussing her MIA panties.

  • Girl Friday thinks George would definitely make a great addition to her troupe of Gal Pals.  He can be Doctor McFeelings, because he likes to talk about them…a lot.

Six Degrees
:  Another role where Bridget Moynahan plays a pretty girl, another character where Hope Davis plays a woman in despair, another time when Erika Christensen plays a troubled youth.  Another J.J. Abrams show where individual characters get to tell their stories separately, but their lives are inextricably intertwined.  Another show that Girl Friday can’t help but like, kind of a lot.

  • Anyone catch Sarah Vowell’s appearance?  She could so be my Gal Pal.  She’d really highlight how not well read I am, but she’d amuse me nonetheless!
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2 Responses to Automatic Joy

  1. neridra says:

    I still haven’t watched Six Degrees yet but I love Sarah Vowell. Man is she funny!

    Dr McFeelings! HA! That’s awesome. I thought ‘McGuilty’ was pretty funny. (Love Actually IS love!)

    That whole debacle WAS painful on my tv I can’t EVEN imagine it in hi-def! Poor Oscar.

  2. Laura says:

    omg…i had to miss the last 15 min of the office (which is when i’m assuming that the michael/oscar kiss happened)
    but i did think of you when ryan announced his no-longer-temp status. =)

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