Cut a Piece That’s Bite Size

I had every intention of sitting down early in the evening to write something—well, good—as opposed to utter randomness. Then I got a phone call from The Pink Fairy who is in Queens, so that plan was shot to hell. I’m not sure how long we were on the phone, but I finally can relate to this boy I used to know about a million years ago. He asked me once if my ear ever hurt from talking so long on the phone. I told him, “Of course not, don’t be absurd.” But now my ear is sore, so I must be getting weak in my advanced age, or my ears have a newfound sensitivity. Evs. (My new favorite word that I’m stealing from Rock Star’s Toby Rand.)

It was fabulous getting to catch up with The Pink Fairy. She’s already planning her wedding day—it’s going to be pink and silver themed and she already has the favors picked out. As she went on and on about pink and grey M&Ms (because they don’t have silver), I started thinking about the best sweet shop I’ve ever been to, Dylan’s Candy Bar. The picture on my LastFM account is from the landing in the stairwell of Dylan’s. It says, “May each step you take be sweet,” spelled out in candy. Yum.

I should probably cut back on the sweets if I’m going to be a bridesmaid. I guess it’s the least I could do for the bride—you know, not look like a stuffed marshmallow in her as-yet-to-be-found-and-purchased silver bridesmaid dresses. It’s me and carrots, baby, until Summer 2007! Well, I’ll start the diet just as soon as I polish off my desk drawer of fun size candy bars. It’s the Bridget Jones method of weight loss.

After my very long chat, I watched the Gilmore Girls season seven premiere. It’s practically a national holiday for Sarakastic. She has a great episode review up at, and several cute posts about her first snow day, and her season seven wish list. Check it out, my friends, for I know you need some mid-day amusement at your humdrum job. It can’t just be me!

The only thing left to discuss is which Gilmore character has the most Gal Pal potential? I think season six Rory would have done splendidly; she was a mess! Now she’s got her shit together and has a fabulous apartment. Nah. I’ll take Lane. She wasn’t around in this episode, but she defied her mamma last season and lived to tell about it. That’s my girl!

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2 Responses to Cut a Piece That’s Bite Size

  1. Sarakastic says:

    Thanks for the link! I never did understand what was so fun about fun sized candy bars. To me, a chocolate bar as big as a notebook would be fun. As for my favorite Gilmore Girls gal pal, I’d probably say Lane too, but I’ll have to give it some serious reflection & get back to you.

  2. Notorious M.A.G. says:

    OMG! We just ordered pink & grey (because they didn’t have silver) customized M & M’s online for a retirement party we are throwing tomorrow! How funny! I am very happy The Pink Fairy has started to plan her wedding. 🙂 Is she thinking destination wedding?

    I have not finished watching the GG premiere. I watched House & Smith.

    I missed our talk. Sorry. I was getting ready for my work event today at noon. 🙁

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