You Have Gone So Far

It has been said (by people I can’t quite identify on this great wide world web) that every seven years we are a new person–meaning every molecule in our body has turned over at least once. I was never very good at science, but I am a different person than I was seven years ago. I was struck by the enormity of the changes today while I was walking on campus. It’s the first day of school, and there I was, walking the same path I did seven years ago.

I was a freshman. I woke up early (6 A.M.) and took a shower (in a tiny shower stall with rubber shower shoes). I put on my makeup and picked out a nice outfit (a nice boatneck and jeans from the GAP). I packed my bag and probably ate some sort of plastic wrapped goodness I had stashed away (a granola bar, perhaps). I took the elevator from the sixth floor and walked out of the building. I probably looked out at the water. I didn’t take it for granted then. I walked with purpose, probably quickened my step so I wouldn’t be late (it’s a perpetual problem). I watched the other students intently and listened to snippets of conversations. I probably got lost or went to the wrong room, as is customary on the first day of school (although to be honest, I probably did a dry run the night before).

Today I woke up (late) and checked my e-mail. I took a shower and put on makeup (only some, I put the rest on after I got to work). I picked a nice outfit. I had a meeting in the morning. On the way to my meeting I pulled out a handful of fun size candy bars and popped them—well, like candy—and walked as fast as I could because I was running late (parking was a real bitch). I got to my former dorm building and looked out at the water. It was foggy, thus making my desire to see something blue that much stronger. I looked at the students around me setting out for their first day. I walked inside and found out the meeting had been moved. (I didn’t think to do a dry run.)

Life came full-circle today, but I didn’t realize how much things have changed until I got a call from The BF. See, we’ve been trying to buy a condo. After the third offer, the seller finally caved. I’m still reeling that a bank would give me that much money for a loan. The bank is obviously run by nut jobs. Anyway, long story short: seven years ago I was scared shitless and sure that I was going to make a horrible mess of my life, and seven years later I’m still afraid of the same thing, but I’m a college graduate, secretary extraordinaire, writer of things, and soon-to-be homeowner. I wonder what the next seven years will bring?

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3 Responses to You Have Gone So Far

  1. Latte Lady says:

    Congratulations Girl Friday. You did it! You are living the American Dream. A homeowner on the American Riviera. Definitely a great reason to celebrate!!!
    Let’s toast to the next 7 years of this exciting new beginning! And you know all so well what’s coming next….lots of house warming gifts that is.. so hurry with the wish list.Yeah!!

  2. Weltsie says:

    Start brainstorming with great ways to celebrate – a Party Girl party, perhaps? You provide the digs and I’ll bring the bubbly!

  3. Laura says:

    wow lady
    congrats on the house!

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