Let’s Get Lost

A review of an awesome day:

Girl Friday is a happy camper! I’m having so much fun with Lucky 10-Key! It’s just like when we were kids and we used to do silly things—like make breakfast even though we didn’t know how to cook and watch 90210 even though we were too young to understand it.

We woke up and drank lots of coff-ay and then got ready to see The Misses. We drove to her phat pad and then went to lunch. We indulged in milkshakes and sandwiches. Yum-O! Then we gave The Misses a tour of our alma mater. We took some pics and girl…we have grown up! We’ve come such a long way since the Jog-a-Thon and the monkey bars.

After we dropped off The Misses, we got lost in the American Riviera. Windy roads and views of the city are awesome. If I weren’t so um…tipsy, I’d try to upload photos. We got so lost! We actually found the end of the road. Lucky 10-Key captured the moment and I’ll try to upload the evidence as soon as possible. After our drive we went to the rose garden. I took more pictures and we smelled all the pretty flowers! We headed to dinner next and the gods mocked me just a little. I was eating my taco, minding my own business, when I looked up and there was a clear view of a bridal shop. Knock it off! I’ll get married when I want to!

After dinner we went to Trader Joe’s and bought way too many chocolate products! We came home and invented our signature weekend drink—The Pom Pom. It consists of pomegranate juice and vodka. For taste and style, put a berry medley at the bottom of a martini glass and serve with a twist of lime!

I’m just a hair shy of drunk and you have no idea how hard this is to write! Anyway, we’re having a great time…wish you were all here!

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  1. Laura says:

    for an almost-drunk you have impeccable grammar….

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