Doing it Seven Days a Week

Posting that much is hard, especially when you watch as much TV as I do! So, I took a week off from posting, but I’m hoping to get back to a semi-regular schedule. Life is still as hectic as ever. Yours truly, Girl Friday, will be a homeowner on Friday (unless I have just horribly jinxed myself!). Here are a few of the things I have been up to:

Television! I think I will honor characters that exemplify Girl Friday qualities–characters who go above and beyond the call of duty, characters who are put through the ringer for this thing called employment.

Studio 60: Finally, I’ve caught up! Are you watching, Sarakastic? Lauren Graham guest starred last Monday and will be back for more today. If you follow the gossip rags like Notorious M.A.G. and I do, then you should know that she is often linked socially to Matthew Perry. Supposedly they’re just friends

The Girl Friday Award goes to lowly production assistant Suzanne! Given the chance to be interviewed by Vanity Fair, I’d crack under the pressure and probably reveal compromising anecdotes about my boss, too!

Veronica Mars: Poor Veronica! She has good reason to be suspicious of Logan. She knows better than anyone what a sleaze he can be, but I don’t think being obsessively jealous and paranoid is healthy. Let’s hope she can find her cool-as-a-cucumber self again.

I’m honored to present Mr. Weevil Navarro with the Girl Friday Award! He was pleased as punch to be Keith’s sidekick. I only hope he won’t be too disappointed with the worst demotion in history—private dick to janitor—in under sixty minutes!

Movies! I don’t have an award to give out, but just a strong recommendation. I finished watching the HBO film Girl in the Café, and it is seriously one of my new favorite movies! Its dry British humor offsets its socially conscious message. I laughed and I cried. The majority of the movie takes place in Iceland (yeah, baby!). The main characters, Lawrence and Gina, joke that no one really knows more than one fact about this awesome little country.

By the end of the movie they knew four things:

Gina: I do now know four things about Reykjavik–Björk comes from here…

Lawrence: Spassky played Fisher here…

Gina: Zips shrink here. And it is possible, in Reykjavik, to have a night of something quite close to love.

Run henceforth to rent The Girl in the Café! Would Girl Friday lead you astray? I think not!

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3 Responses to Doing it Seven Days a Week

  1. Latte Lady says:

    Veronica Mars- Even if I disapprove of her spying on Logan, using a tracking device to only find out he has a serious gambling problem….. I thought she was a bit too much. I loved the end…. After all Logan is my favourite bad boy so I understand if he cannot become reformed in just 3 episodes. At least he was commited enough to cancel his Mexico trip and go make out with VM instead:) I truly enjoy the dialogue between them especially the witty, biting sense of humor.
    It is Lo(gan)VE(ronica) after all:) as Girl Friday says!

  2. Sarakastic says:

    I tried to watch Studio 60, mostly because I think that Lauren & Matthew should be more than just friends. But, I’ve been to watching “Amelie” over & over to try & tell if I like it, & it’s just a movie. Seems like people named Logan are always jerks. WB, crap I should clarify I mean welcome back instead of proclaiming my love for a former Gilmore Girls station!!!

  3. Girl Friday says:

    Hey ladies!

    Latte, I agree that Logan can’t reform in just three episodes. I wonder though if he ever can?

    Sarakastic, it is good to be back! I hope you love Amelie as much as I do! I feel like I can relate–not that I’m a French waitress with a heart of gold–but who doesn’t love setting off a beautiful chain of events through random acts of kindness!?

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