Worst Case Scenario

Girl Friday is a worst case scenario kind of gal.  I often think about what I’d do in an emergency.

If I drove my car into a body of water (on accident or because I was being pursued in a high speed chase), I’d make like Sydney Bristow and  wait until the car was totally submerged, open the door and then take some air in via the tires.  Of course I don’t anticipate this happening to me, but today I did found myself asking, “How would I stop my car if the brakes went out?”

I had my brakes worked on in September, but today I drove to work and noticed the breaks felt squishy and the BRAKE light remained lit even after I disengaged the parking brake.  I left work early and dropped off my car at the shop and later learned that the lines are totally shot and need to be replaced.  So the moral of this story is, always plan for the worst case scenario.

Before I embarked on my drive from work to the shop, I Googled my concern and learned that I could coast, pump my brakes, down shift, gently use my parking break, tap the back of a car traveling the same speed as me, hit the rubber of the tire up against the guard rail, drive into shrubs or grass, and even hit a tree less than four inches in diameter.

Things I never knew, but now I’m glad I do.  Don’t you?

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5 Responses to Worst Case Scenario

  1. Sarakastic says:

    This summer someone was attacked by a cougar three hundred miles from my house & I still googled what to do in the event of a cougar attack

  2. Weltsie says:

    Two thoughts on this post:

    1. The same thing happened to the brakes in my car in high school. It’s EXTREMELY scary!

    2. My ex-BF always criticized me for being a worst case scenario sort of gal. I think he just has better luck. Not me. I can’t EVER depend on luck to get me through, so a worst case scenario sort of gal I remain. Maybe we can start a club?

  3. well now i know 🙂

    what do i do if the brakes on the subway go out?

  4. What a great post. I am, what they call, a tragic thinker. So I too will often conjur up “what ifs” and think of what I would do if…. My most disturbing scenario of late is “what if a gunman opens fire in my office while I’m in the ladies room?” Macabre, I know but that’s just where my brain goes at times. 😉

  5. neridra says:

    I learned this lesson the hard way. Brakes just went out one day on my way home. Thankfully I was already on the exit and there were no cars in front of me. But it was very scary. I’m glad you got your brakes fixed 🙂 Wouldn’t want anything to happen to my favorite girlfriday!

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