A Modern Thanks

It’s that time of year again.  It’s time to gather round a table with loved ones and dig into something delicious and be thankful for all that we have, because well…it’s Thanksgiving.

More and more I notice that people don’t know how to give thanks, and worse yet, I find that people don’t know how to accept gratitude with aplomb.  I’m an old fashioned Girl Friday, I suppose.  When someone has done me a favor I try to write a thank-you note.  I hoard stationary, so really it’s quite a thrill for me.  When someone should be congratulated I try to write a nice note expressing my sentiments.  Twice in the past few months I have done this and had the strangest reactions from the note receivers.  One person asked what the note was for, though I clearly appreciated her commitment and support at an event I’d hosted.  The second person said that my handmade thank-you seemed like a waste of time.

I can let all of these people discourage me from being me, or I can accept that most people aren’t thanked nearly enough for the work they do, for their kind spirits, or for the inspiration they provide.  I will continue to give thanks when I can and how I enjoy it—through words and sometimes pretty paper.

Lastly, I feel really lucky to have kind readers who pipe up out of the blue just to say they like my little blog.  Thank you for reading, especially you, Justin Accident!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. someone really told you it was a waste of time? that’s horrific!

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