Where Is My Mind

There really aren’t any excuses for why I haven’t been updating…well, none that are very good.  So here are a few that make me sound very important and busy:

  1. I have been made chancellor of the university and therefore I now get to hire an assistant to blog for me.
  2. I won the lottery and I’ve been busy hitting 5th Avenue and Rodeo Drive.  My designer shopping bags were blocking the way to my computer.
  3. The CW decided to bring back Gilmore Girls and ASP asked me to be her head writer.

Close, but no cigar.  I’ve just been busy with work and traveling a little bit.  I went to Cabo San Lucas with The BF, and to Motown to visit friends and family.  Why oh why can’t the friends and family relocate to Cabo so I can kill two birds with one stone?

My dear friends, how have you been?

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