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I’m Halfway Home Now

Oh, October. You’re finally here. I’ve been waiting many months for you to arrive. Now you’re here and I’m a little scared. So much is about to go down, I just hope I can find purchase and enjoy the ride. … Continue reading

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Let’s See How Fast This Thing Can Go

Today is a housekeeping kind of post. Lots of random topics and updates… The Pink Fairy has moved! I got a text message this morning—and because I’m totally psychic—I knew she must have just arrived to her new place. She … Continue reading

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I Know You Want to Jump Around, but Try to Contain Yourself

Friday was very anticlimactic.  I’m exhausted from the world’s longest week.  I’ll spare you the boring run down of my day.  I shall instead give you a list of things I’m looking forward to this fall. September 20th:  It will … Continue reading

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