Girl Friday says: When The Boss is away, it’s time to play

Girl Friday is dedicated to her post of being the Superheroine of Small Offices Everywhere, but every now and then she needs a break from the rigors of office tedium. The Boss is away for a whole week, which means Girl Friday doesn’t have to move at lightning speed or be 10-cup caffeine perky!

Miss Shorty and Girl Friday are cohorts/coworkers in cahoots to play while The Boss is away. Both Superheroines are determined to lower the Stress Level from a boiling “Satan’s Stew” to a cool and comfortable “Island Breeze.” No more of that supposed Easy Listening Radio poison. No more forgotten coffee breaks. This week there will be mixed CDs o’plenty, latte runs, and leisurely lunches. Not exactly a vacation for two bad ass Superheroines, but who ever said there was rest for the saviors of paper pushers?

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