Life’s a Beach, Girl Friday!

Girl Friday was hard at work this past week while The Boss was on vacation. Though she and her pal Miss Shorty were able to bring the Stress Level down from “Satan’s Stew” to “Routine Teeth Cleaning,” the week was less productive than anticipated. Every day was a crisis!

On Monday, Girl Friday negotiated with cranky subcontractors that wanted to be paid even though they knew full well that The Boss was gone. Miss Shorty spent most of Tuesday dealing with a party planner diagnosed with multiple personalities disorder. Wednesday was spent training The New Girl and figuring out the mystery smell in The Office. Girl Friday and Miss Shorty spent Thursday speed-filing and ignoring The Boss’ deaf-mute teenager who claims to work at The Office on alternating (read: convenient) days. Finally, on Friday, the super duo negotiated with a card-carrying sadistic art dealer. After their triumph over the evil sadist, a kindly yet lecherous client delivered a tasty lunch and insisted on eating it with them. Their only reprieve was a quick trip to the beach later that afternoon. The girls were resourceful and deftly removed their Casual Friday garb in the parking garage by shimmying skirts on and whipping off the conservative layers. The Superheroines, naturally, tanned to a golden perfection in forty minutes flat without even breaking a sweat in the hot afternoon sun.

While The Boss was in Paradise sipping drinks with little paper umbrellas, Girl Friday and Miss Shorty worked their unmanicured fingers to the bone! Imagine their resentment when they learned The Boss had also planned a visit to the spa upon her return with her less-than-deserving girlfriends . I guess Girl Friday’s and Miss Shorty’s invitations got lost in the mail?

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