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Girl Friday Likes Good Clean Fun

Girl Friday is amused that her site is being sought all over the internet, but Girl Friday is also alarmed by some of the key word searches that bring up her site! Apparently “superheroine dominatrix,” “bad office girl,” and “girl … Continue reading

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Girl Friday is Born Again, Ignored Again, and Adored Again!

Girl Friday wrapped up her three-week assignment at the real estate company and couldn’t be happier! Let’s meet the key players, shall we? Belle: The Boss’s right hand and a chain smoking-hair piece wearing-no good nosy-wench. Tina: Insect twig, orange … Continue reading

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Committees Meet For You, Girl Friday!

The Agency always boasts to Girl Friday that her assignments are with companies that have fabulous employees. Girl Friday would like to challenge the validity of their assessments. Would The Agency actually admit it if the people working at a … Continue reading

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