Girl Friday Back In Action On Tuesday!

Girl Friday has taken on yet another challenge! She has put her dream of being Superheroine of All Things New and Exciting on hold for another two weeks. Girl Friday will report for duty as The Temp Receptionist on Tuesday. She plans on reevaluating her Superheroine wardrobe to accommodate The Office’s Business Professional needs. In lieu of a cardigan for a cape, Girl Friday will revisit the power blazers currently collecting dust in her closet. As an added bonus, Girl Friday will break in her latest accessory acquisition–a black leather handbag with teal accent trimming. Expect it to be loaded down with lifesaving tools, including matching water bottle, Miss Army Knife, black eyeliner (it can double as a brow pencil!), an assorted mini bottle of Tylenol, Excedrin, Claritin, Tums, and Tic Tacs, a novel, and of course a pad of paper to capture death defying witticisms.

Girl Friday will miss working with Miss Shorty, and no doubt readers are wondering whether she’ll make another appearance. Never fear, for I think another trip to the beach is in the near future, assuming the fog lifts…

Though Girl Friday is moving on to the next office in need, comedy will surely find her there! She’ll come home with stories to tell all her lovely Gal Pals and her adoring fans.

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