English Diva aka Superheroine of Making a Difference

Girl Friday and English Diva have been friends since that awkward time called Junior High. The Gal Pals have grown up since then, transitioning seamlessly into twenty-something adulthood. They live in separate regions but are connected through the Power of Gossip. It is a strong force, a calling for some, and a natural gift for Girl Friday and English Diva. Recently Girl Friday recounted in detail (including accents) her meeting with her temp agency. English Diva wondered aloud why Girl Friday resisted long term assignments in favor of nomadic employment. Girl Friday craves change from the daily grind of idiocy and mediocrity, that’s why!!!

It may be hard for English Diva and other Gal Pals to understand, since their Superheroine duties have a bit more sense of urgency. English Diva is a great example of the kind of important posts that Superheroines take on. English Diva is the Superheroine of Making a Difference. She single-handedly teaches teenagers the great significance of literature, grammar, and punctuation. In addition to such a great responsibility comes the opportunity to boast to jerks that once scorned her. “What do you do?” English Diva inquires demurely when she bumps into exes. “You got married/found God/finance home loans?” She repeats, before she zings them with, “Well, I MAKE A DIFFERENCE!”

Girl Friday is highly jealous that (as of yet) she cannot command such respect! Girl Friday, while being honored to be a Superheroine at all, prefers to play coy rather than admit she is just a link in the chain of paper shuffling…

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