Girl Friday and Her Shiny Car

Girl Friday woke up late (again) but somehow managed to leave early. She planned on getting gas at her neighborhood station. After maneuvering through traffic she spotted the big blue numbers. $3.07 for a gallon of gas at an antiquated station with old fashion pumps, where you have to go inside to pay? No way! Girl Friday was having none of that gas, so she bravely drove the five miles to work (she made it).

At lunchtime, Girl Friday hopped in her car and drove (white-knuckled) another mile to her preferred gas station and paid 3 bucks per gallon, plus another eight for the most affordable carwash in town. Crisis averted, Girl Friday enjoyed the rest of her lunch break battling the elderly German tourists at McDonald’s, discussing her “living status” with a male coworker named after a fish, and shoving cold fries (and what remained of her pride) into her hungry little mouth. The drive home was practically a blissful retreat in Girl Friday’s dust-free car, but she’s still holding out for Xzibit to pimp her ride! She thinks a classy pink paint job and Chanel interior would be nice.

Dinnertime at Chateau Friday was more gourmet than it had been all week, but it was a sorry effort in comparison to the Lobster episode of Iron Chef (the Japanese version) that was blaring in the living room. A tasty cocktail of The OC (third season premier!) and Mother’s Taffy cookies (one of her gramp’s favorite) capped off the evening.

Another smooth sailing day for the Superheroine of Small Offices Everywhere!!!!!! What will tomorrow bring? Some filing, perhaps label making, or let’s go crazy…how about deep intellectual thought?

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