Girl Friday has an Organizational Nightmare

Girl Friday had a terrible morning. Girl Friday overslept by 65 minutes and then had to take a cold shower! Her lovely and well-meaning boyfriend was trying to conserve energy by turning off the hot water heater during the day, but he sadly forgot to turn it back on at night. Girl Friday has since recovered from her shockingly cold shower and has almost forgiven him. On her way to work, Girl Friday was stuck driving behind a scooter! Girl Friday simply adores Vespas, and normally she would have cooed about this Antique Yellow two-wheeler, but she was in a hurry, dammit! On the whole, the day was a breeze, considering the iffy beginning. During the drive home, however, Girl Friday noticed how peculiarly low she was on gas. Against her better judgment she drove merrily home. She had the grand idea of driving to the gas station during her lunch break the following day to fill up and wash her filthy car. As Girl Friday drove the homestretch of her five-mile trek, the little yellow gas gauge light flickered. It taunted her just like the Snickers bar in the vending machine at work. Should she or shouldn’t she?

Check in tomorrow to find out if the Low Fuel light materializes into Girl Friday’s first-ever roadside rescue!

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