Girl Friday at the Coffee Shop Office

Girl Friday is currently on hiatus from Small Offices Everywhere. Normally she works from home, although today she has staked out a table at a downtown coffee shop. Amidst the blenders blending, the milk steamer steaming, and the students studying, Girl Friday is musing about her current state of being and working on that damned novel. She finds her work feeds the soul but not always the stomach. She prefers her makeshift offices to those of the lunes she has more than once frequented. Just the other day she visited her former coworkers and witnessed the grotesque mismanagement that more than a few places of business are under. She did, however, score some sweet candy. Got to love Halloween!

Girl Friday finds herself missing interaction with people. Gasp! Girl Friday isn’t quite the misanthrope you may think. Her dialogue is mainly one-sided now as she yells at her favorite TV characters. Does anyone else besides Girl Friday question Rory’s length of bangs or wonder if Stephen is ever going to admit his undying love for LC? With few people to share her pop culture concerns, Girl Friday has ferociously read and hypothesized about the threads on E Online’s message boards.

While Girl Friday’s current office situation lacks coworkers, it does provide a free gym membership (a treadmill and a nice selection of Pilates DVDs), convenient parking, casual dress code (pajamas before noon are quite acceptable), and flexible hours (work starts when she feels like it and ends when her carpal tunnel pains flare up). With the compensation and benefits package to be determined, it is clear that Girl Friday is either bold and daring or dumb and foolish. The jury is still out on that one.

Another random amenity that Girl Friday misses is water delivery service. The Brita filter runs a distant second to spring water at the proverbial water cooler. Though the list sounds lengthy, don’t think for a second that Girl Friday will enthusiastically return to the (paid) workforce. Being a Superheroine is tough work, especially in Small Offices Everywhere. Girl Friday is desperately hoping for a promotion to Superheroine of All Things New and Exciting!!!!!!!

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