Girl Friday & Latte Lady, Skilled and Wanted, Respectively

The Agency hounded Girl Friday relentlessly all week by because she is their prized Superheroine of Small Offices Everywhere! They told her in detailed messages that one hopeless worker couldn’t (and I quote), GET THE PHONES. Girl Friday wonders if perhaps her hands were trapped inside cement blocks, or if by “get” they meant she didn’t understand the concept of answering a ringing phone. Well, we can’t all be Superheroines! Still, Girl Friday hardly feels compelled to do The Agency any favors after the way they harassed her earlier in the week when she told them she was (gasp!) busy. In addition, The Agency snubbed Latte Lady, and that my friends, is unacceptable. Latte Lady ran the gamut this week and escaped mostly unscathed. Believe it or not the high point of her week was when she was mistakenly held at gunpoint by local police officers, and the low point was when she rescinded her two weeks notice…brutal. With two such renegade Superheroines on the lamb, no mild mannered HR Manager is safe.

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