Lucky 10-Key aka Superheroine of City Style

Girl Friday and Lucky 10-Key go way back to the day of single digit birthdays and accessorizing with reckless abandon. Lucky 10-Key didn’t always have her mighty City Style. At one time she wore coordinating sweat suits and Keds (way before Mischa Barton said it was okay). Girl Friday also admits to committing crimes against fashion as a youngster too, she had Bongo jeans in all shades of the rainbow (also long before Rachel Bilson was the spokesmodel). Nevertheless, Lucky 10-Key can wear Ann Taylor so well that paparazzi mistake it for Intermix! The Superheroine of City Style can turn a $100 dress into a $400 claim to fame. Now there’s some math I’d like to see!

Lucky 10-Key’s fellow accounting coworkers are so jealous of her City Style that they employ unsavory tactics to unnerve her! They ask why she wears cute polka dotted skirts and luxurious sweaters. Lucky 10-Key replies, “Because I can!” With the accuracy of her trusty adding machine, Lucky 10-Key can balance figures and mix and match an outfit like you wouldn’t believe. No sale rounder will go unturned and no number will go uncrunched when Lucky 10-Key is on the job.

Watch out for the Superheroine of City Style! If you want to dress to impress, follow Lucky 10-Key’s principle:
Time spent on personal grooming and style multiplied by the number of days in a week equals fashionably fierce!

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